1st Annual Whoop Action Classic

Team Lewis Racing made the 7 hour trip up to Maplesville, AL.  It is a small town around an hour north west of Montgomery, AL.  We headed out on Thursday with the whole family in the Motorhome.  I had reserved a camping spot just south of Troy, AL  for the evening.  This allowed us to get up and get to the track on Friday by noon to get in some needed practice.

We arrived at the track and was welcomed by Brett and Blake who was putting on the event.  They seems very happy we made the trip and I was excited to get setup and get out on the track.


As the day went alone, it started to get colder and colder.  I was excited to bring out some of my new Kyosho winter gear that I had bought over the summer.  However, it does not take long in the cold to be thankful of the good weather we have had lately back in Florida.  They had a fire going at night which I found to be a popular place to get.


I had plans to run both E-Buggy and E-Truggy but decided to just stick to E-Buggy at this event with my wife and daughter there.  I like to have more free time when they come.  Landen was running three classes and all of them in the Pro division.  He was running Mod SCT, Pro E-Buggy and Pro E-Truggy.

By Friday evening, we were ready for race day and spent the rest of the night hanging out with great friends.  There is nothing like camping out at the track.  Landen and I enjoy it allot.

Saturday morning came around and we were scheduled to start at 9:00am but with some flyer confusion, they had to postpone the start until 11:00am.  I knew then that it was going to be a long day.  As qualifying started, Landen put in some great runs.  He was sitting 1st in SCT, 2nd in E-Truggy and round 14th in E-Buggy.  I broke in my first round which was not good.  I had a great run going when I landed wrong and broke a rear A-Arm and bent my shock shaft.

In round #2, Landen secured overall TQ in SC T but was unable to improve in E-Truggy and was still 2nd overall.  He improved his position in E-Buggy and so he was all set for the mains.  Being that I broke in the 1st qualifier, I attacked the 2nd round a little different.  I was not as concerned about going after TQ as much as making sure I made the A-Main.  That was exactly what I did.  I ended up 4th overall in the round but 6th overall going into the A-Main.

In the mains, during the first lap of the race, I ran into an upside down buggy which caused me to wreck as well.  By the time I got turn-marshaled, I found myself in last place and 15 seconds down to first place.  This was not exactly the start I had hoped for.  Being that it was a 10 minute main, I took a deep breathe and tried to not worry about where the leader was but try and turn the best laps I could and only concentrate on getting by the car in front of me.  With about 1 1/2 minutes to go, I found myself on the tail of the leader.  The leader was my friend and fellow Proline team-mate, Chris Cassidy.  Chris had not been attempting the huge jump in the back but knew that I had been.  So, he went for it but found a little bit of bad luck and didn’t make it.  I did and that gave me the lead I was hoping for.  I never lost the lead and found myself crossing the line for the big win.


Landen went into the E-Truggy race knowing that he had a tough challenge racing against fellow friend, John Ball.  John is fast and had his E-Truggy dialed in the entire weekend.  At the end of the race, Landen didn’t have enough for John and so he settled for 2nd place overall but was a huge accomplishment since it had been over a year since he had raced his E-Truggy.  In SCT, Landen was starting 1st but with an early bobble, he found himself in the back of the pack.  He quickly settled down and started picking his way back to the front.  His times were faster than the leader but didn’t have enough time to catch him as the race ended and settled for a 2nd place overall.  In E-Buggy, Landen would be starting last but both of us were thrilled to have just made the A-main.  He was running in the Pro division and there were allot of fast drivers.  Landen probably had one of his better runs on the day and ended up 6th overall, just one place shy of podium.  He didn’t bring home any wins but had a great showing.


We had a great time racing at the Snake Pit and look forward to racing there again in the near future.  Traveling around and racing different venues allow Landen and I to meet new people, see different track layouts and test our racing.  We would like to personally thank all of our sponsors for helping us in every way possible:  #Kyosho #Proline #Airtronics #HVR #LFR #MIP #ShivervilleRaceway #KustomRCGraphics #OurLordAndSaviourJesusChrist

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