Kyosho RT6 Mid-Motor Debut

Next month, we will travel to Phoenix, AZ for our 2nd time for the Proline Cactus Classic.  Last year, we experienced our first true “Sugar Track”.  It was so different that what we have back here in the south and we were not prepared for what the track was giving us.  It was at the race that the Mid-Motor Buggies got so much attention.  Jared Tebo showed up with his MM and after a few testing hours, the whole Kyosho team was pulling out spare parts to convert all of their’s to a Mid-Motor Buggy.  If was obvious that if you didn’t have a MM Buggy, then it was going to be much harder to compete.  Now, there was those drivers like Ryan Maifield and Ryan Cavalier that can just drive anything and make the A-Main.  However, it was the Mid Motor by Jared Tebo that brought home the win.

This year, the Cactus Classic is back outdoors on the same track being run under the same dry, sugar track conditions.  There is no doubt that we will be running our Mid-Motor RB6 and we have been working on that set-up for some time.  However, we felt that we should be ahead of the game and do some testing on the Mid-Motor RT6 Stadium truck as well.  When I built this truck, I had zero idea where to start as far as a set-up.  I also knew that this might be a total flop.  The Rear-Motor RT6 already has so much rotation and steering, that I was afraid it would add so much more that the truck would be hard to drive and very twitchy.

I took our current RB6 setup that we have been running for about a month now and copied it over for the most part to the truck.  Several things that I did to help with calming the steering and rotation down is by flipping the front ackerman backwards.  Jared Tebo first did this months ago.  This is to help settle the steering down and make it more smoother through the turn.  The other thing I did was to go back and not run the Wide Suspension holder that most setups call for but rather run the narrow ones.  Here is what I have learned about the use of the narrow and wide suspension holders:

Wide Holders: The wide hangers provide a wider rear track width. A wider rear track width does two things to the rear of the car: a) Provides a bit more stability over small bumps, and b) raises the roll center in the rear of the car – A higher roll center provides more roll resistance – More roll resistance means the rear of the car will roll less in the corners – Less roll means less traction gain throughout the corner. (i.e. use the wide hangers for more steering)

Narrow Holders: The narrow hangers provide a more narrow rear track width. A narrow rear track width does two things to the rear of the car: a) Provides a bit less stability over small bumps, and b) lowers the roll center in the rear of the car – A lower roll center provides less roll resistance – Less roll resistance means the rear of the car will roll more in the corners – more roll means more traction gain throughout the corner. (i.e. use the narrow hangers for more rear traction in corners and less steering)

So, as you can see above, I choose to go with the narrow holders to provide more traction in the fast sweeping turns and less steering.


Yes, you will notice that this truck has RED Bling all over it.  Landen thinks that the more Kyosho RED it has, the faster it will go.  I worry about him sometimes.  LOL

Anyways, here is the final shot of the Kyosho without the body and with the body.  We took a practice body that we had and always used and cut the holes out for the rear shock tower.  There is currently no body made by any manufacture that will fit the Kyosho RT6 Mid-Motor without having to cut these holes out.  I have been told that both Proline and JConcepts are making them and should be released soon.  Until then, we will have to use a body altered.

1891716_10203353504547009_687403475_o 1889668_10203354875381279_367955021_o

We got up Saturday morning and headed over to Newreds in Ocala, FL.  Newreds is as close to High Bite as we get around here.  I felt that this was the best place to test the new truck out.  We took both the rear and the mid-motor to test out.

First up was the rear motor.  Landen knows how this trucks feels and we wanted him to drive it first so he then could compare.  After about 10 laps, Landen pulled over and said to give him the new truck.  I could tell right away that the Mid-Motor jumped so much better.  It was obvious that it had more steering and rotation but Landen quickly adjusted to it and I was soooo impressed.  He came off the drivers stand and told me that he felt as though he just as much traction but yet the truck would do anything he asked of it.  He was sold and we decided to run it during the club race.


Going into Round #1 of qualifying, I told Landen to play it safe and just try and get a feel of the truck.  As the round went, Landen looked as though he had been driving this truck for months now.  It looked amazing.  In his heat, there were 6 drivers.  Tracy carver, who is Mr. Blinky Stadium truck himself was also running.  I was glad to see this as I knew this would be a great test to see how the truck compared to Tracy’s.  The results below speak for itself.  Landen was 2 seconds faster almost every lap and was 2 laps up on the field.


On the day, Landen was able to not only easily take TQ and the Win in Stadium truck but also took TQ and the victory in 2wd Buggy with his RB6.  I honestly feel as though we are moving in the right direction as we prepare for the race in Arizona a month from now.

Here is a link to Landen’s RT6 Mid-Motor Setup Sheet:

I have been working hard to get my RB6 dialed in for myself.  I am no way a great driver but yet I have slowly been getting better as I learn more and more about set-ups. I was able to take my first win in Buggy several weeks ago at Shiverville.  This would be the first time since that race that I have been able to drive it.  I qualified 4th overall and was behind some really fast drivers.  I wrecked in the first turn when I went in to hot and traction rolled.  That knocked me all the way back into 9th place.  I was frustrated but I knew I had the buggy to climb back and so I settled down, took a deep breathe and tried to just worry about one position at a time.  Before I knew it, the announcer said that I was up to 3rd place.  I kept going and by the end of the race, I found myself finishing 2nd overall behind Landen.  I still have not beat Landen in a Head to Head race in over a year but I was so proud that Team Lewis Racing took 1 -2 using our Kyosho RB6’s on the night.


This week, we have double duty to prepare for.  We head out on Friday for Coral Springs for the 2nd Round of SuperCup.  Then, on Monday, we fly out to Phoenix for the Dirt Nitro Challenge.  We are so excited and blessed to have these opportunities and I know Landen and I will try and represent ourselves and our Sponsors well.

Thanks goes out to all our AMAZING sponsors:  Kyosho, Proline, Airtronics, MIP, LFR, Peak Racing, Stickit1 Racing, KustomRCGraphics, Shiverville Raceway, “TEETER”, and most importantly, JESUS CHRIST!!!

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