Racing Clinic Announced

Here in Lake City, FL, we have a new track supported by Columbia County and there is allot of new drivers coming into the sport. I have witnessed about 20+ people starting to buy new vehicles and come out and play around on the new track. There is a Club started by Tim Murray and I am excited about the future here. Tim Murray, the club President came to me and asked if Landen and I would would do a clinic for all the new drivers coming into the sport. I got thinking about it and I remember when I got in the sport, no one was there to sit me down and go over the basics. So, Landen and I are doing it. This clinic is designed for those new to the sport. In no way does Landen and I feel as though we are experts in any way, HOWEVER we do feel as though we have learned some stuff over the past 3 years that we can share to help these new to the sport get off on the right foot.

Proline has stepped up and is supporting us by proving allot of stuff that we can give away and use during the clinic.

If you are interested in attending this clinic, we are accepting registrations till November 24th.

Here is the link to register: