NewRed Hobbies 10th Anniversary Race

This past weekend was NewRed Hobbies 10th Anniversary and so they put on a special race to commemorate the anniversary.  We got to the track Friday morning and began to get our cars all ready for the weekend.  Landen decided to make the move to Mod fulltime.  In Florida, other than Mod 2wd Buggy, sometimes it is hard to get enough entries to run Mod truck classes.  There were not enough entries in the Mod Truck class, so he had to shelf that truck for the weekend.  However, Brian Kinwald, a legend in the RC Industry had flown cross country to race with us and so Landen got to race with him in the Short Course class.

I was VERY proud of how Landen drove him Mod.  Consistency is the only thing that hurt him this weekend.  He was turning some of the fastest laps and many times had the lead even over some of the Top pro’s in the state.  Making the jump full-time to Mod will take time and patience.  There is NO doubt that this is where he belongs and he wants it.  In the B-Main, he had the lead in the 2wd Mod Buggy race the entire first 10 laps.  He had even got up to a 4 second lead on 2nd pace.  However, one mistake then turned into several more and at the end, he found himself outside of the 2 bump up spots.

In 2wd Mod SCT, he wanted to beat Brian Kinwald.  Of course, beating a prior National Champion is no easy feat but he wanted to soooo bad.  In qualifying, Landen held his own.  In fact, Landen only lost by three seconds in the 2nd qualifying run.  Running his new Kyosho SC6 without any track time to find a good setup, he was on cloud nine.  Going into the Triple A-Mains, all he wanted to do was again try and hang with Brian and somehow try and pull out one victory.  There were times he had the lead and that was exciting but in the end, Brian Kinwald is sooo good and sooo smooth, that he got Landen.  However, it sure was fun watching Landen wheel the SCT.


With Landen running Mod, it really frees me up to concentrate on the stock classes.  I ran all three stock/17.5 classes:  2wd Buggy, Stadium Truck and SCT.  In stock, we may not have the fastest drivers but the level of competition is extremely high.  I knew that I had the two trucks to make the AMain and I wanted to qualify in the Top 5 with both of them.   In Buggy, all I wanted was to make the AMain.  There were some long time veterans and really fast guys running 17.5 2wd Buggy, so I knew I had my hands full.  After the 2 rounds of qualifying, I was 3rd overall in SCT and 5th overall in Stadium truck.  However, I was less than 1 second from qualifying 7th in Buggy and found myself in the B-Main.   I was not too disappointed because there was one more change I wanted to make to the car and I knew I left several seconds on the track.  In the B-Main, I felt as though I drove my best all day.  It was a very tight race between Collin Cabre and Brian Denmark and myself.  Fortunately, I was able to bump up into the Triple A-Mains which allowed me to reach all my goals.  My RB6 was hooked up and fast.  Recently, I have been trying different setups and such which has broadened my knowledge and I have been able to get my cars better and better at each race.  This weekend, I nailed it.  Unfortunately, my car was better than I was.  If I had done my part, the RB6 was good enough to finish in the Top 3.  I feel as though I am getting much better and understanding how to drive smarter and faster.  I just need more patience and cleaner runs.  I ended up 6th overall on the weekend in 2wd Buggy which was awesome with over 35+ entries.

Thanks to Tom for such an awesome event and I hope you are around another 10 Years!!!