It’s been a while since I entered a blog on here. Not sure why but I promise to do better. Landen and I have have been racing allot and our most recent race was several weeks ago in Flowood, MS. Landen was able to bring home 2nd overall in Open E-Buggy while I also brought home 2nd in Sportsman E-Buggy and 5th in Nitro Truggy.

This week, we head to the land of Duck Dynasty, West Monroe, LA.


This is our third year in a row making this trip for a race called, Southern Nationals. I look forward to this race every year as the track is much different than other Nitro races we attend. The track is much larger and the weather is always cool. A nice change to the heat we have been having around here. Also, it is a great time to hang out with some of my friends that I don’t get to see very much.

We fly out on Thursday and look forward to seeing what Team Lewis Racing can do.

AMS 5.0 – The Greatest Show on Earth!

AMS 5.0, the Great Show On Earth!!!  Where do I even begin?  This race has such a special meaning for Landen and I as it was the first big race we ever attended 2 years ago.  We were so lost when we got there but it was a launching point for Landen.  It was following this race, that Landen got his first sponsorship.  We had been looking forward to this race ever since it was added to the calendar.  Outside of the Cactus Classic in Arizona, this is our favorite race of the year.  And this year did not disappoint.

On our way to Alabama, we were about one hour into the 8 hour trip and I didn’t;t think about going through the Agriculture/Weigh Station on I-10 with my 12′ cargo trailer.  About 1 mile later, the Cabbage Cop had caught up to me and made it very known that she was upset about it.  She go to go into my trailer and inspect everything.  Of course she had never heard of R/C Racing and took that time to want to hear all about it.  Of course, the best part was the comment she made, “Over Yonder”…  I got a warning and about 20 minutes later we were off again.


We arrived Thursday evening and got the new Team Lewis Racing tent all setup for the weekend.



Landen had not raced his E-Buggy since last October, so unfortunately with all the racing we have had going on and trying to finish up school, he still had to put it together from the last time he raced it.  We stayed and got it ready and glues up tires for the next mornings open practice.


This year, there was a record number of entries and getting practice in was not easy.  The line to practice was always long but at an event like this, you come in knowing that and you try and get as much as your can.  At. 4:00pm, the intentions was to have controlled timed practice for each class so they could seed you for qualifying.  However after only 6 heats in, the first of many serious thunderstorms came rolling in and we lost power for hours.  While it was frustrating to lose the valuable practice, it was nice to get everything perfectly ready for the next day and walk around and see all my friends.  Going to a race like this is always fun for the competition but I enjoy the socializing more than anything.  When the power came back on, the race director decided to cancel the controlled practice and just open it back up for open practice.  Landen got one more practice in and then we were off to bed because we had to be back at the track at 5:30am the next morning.

Friday morning came and qualifying began bright and early.  The Open Nitro Buggy class was stacked full of some great drivers from all over the country.  Last year, Landen did not make the A-Main and we have been preparing and practicing as much as we could the last month to get ready.  This was the one class that Landen wanted more than any.  We felt as though we had some setup ideas going into this race.  We also knew that we would be completely different than most of the other Kyosho drivers there but we felt we had the setup needed to win.  From the very first practice, we knew that we had nailed it.  Landen’s buggy was awesome from the beginning.  In the first qualifying, Landen had a bad draw and getting around lap traffic was difficult.  He ended by taking 5th overall for that round which was very exciting because we knew we left 15+ seconds on the track.  Making one minor change in the shocks, we went out for round #2.  This round, the heats were resorted and so Landen would get a chance to race with the top 1st Round qualifiers which helped him keep his pace up as those drivers were all great.  He put in a very clean run and took the TQ for the round.  With a 5th and a 1st, we knew Landen had locked in a Top 4 starting position in the A-Main.  So, the only thing to do in Round #3 was to go for overall TQ.  There was no need for any setup changes.  Landen decided to run the same set up Proline M3 Holeshots from the first 2 qualifiers and went out and took the TQ for the round, giving him the overall TQ for the event.





In the Open E-Buggy class, we put the same setup we had on the Nitro Buggy because we knew it was good.  However, the E-Buggy was not as planted and did not have the same steering that Landen likes so as the day went, we kept making changes after changes hoping to just make the A-Main and find the setup needed for him to compete.  By the end of qualifying, Landen felt good with the buggy and was able to get the 5th best qualifying run in the last qualifier.  This would get him into the A-Main but unfortunately, he would be starting 12th overall in both A1 and A2.  We decided to make one last change which was to lower the rear diff oil to 2,000cst and we felt we had the buggy as good as we could get it for the mains.  At 3:00am in the morning, after being at the track since 5:30am, we decided to go to the hotel and get as much sleep as we could.  With Landen being in all A-Mains, that allowed us to sleep in and get some much needed rest.  Or, at least that was my goal.  Landen woke me up several hours earlier than I wanted becasue he pumped and excited.  So, off to the track we went.

First up would be his A1 and A2 of Electric Buggy.  He was starting 12th on the grid and the caliber of competition in this class was so high and this being his  1st time behind this vehicle in over 7 months, I was just hoping for a Top 5 finish.  That would have exceeded our expectations by allot.    In A1, Landen had a rough time getting around all the buggies as everyone is obviously racing hard.  He had the speed and the buggy was dialed but just couldn’t get to the top after such a bad start.  In the first few turns, Landen got hit as he was accelerating and got flipped over.  He was the last to be turn-marshaled and found himself dead last and 12 seconds slower on the first lap than the leaders.  I was concerned that he would then over drive the car and lose his cool but I was proud that he fought hard, driving his line and going for it.  By the end of the race, he had got all the way up to 4th place.  With the start that he had, 4th was AWESOME.  We would take it.  In A2, Landen took a different approach to the start and made the most amazing pass.  By the start of Lap 3, Landen was all the way up to 2nd place and with a great battle with Hunter Cupp the entire race, Landen was able to squeeze out 2nd for the race which secured him 3rd Overall for the Open E-Buggy Event.  Taking home 3rd in the Open class at such a premiere event and not racing the buggy for over 7 months, I could not have been more proud of Landen.


Later on in the evening, it was time for Open Nitro A-Main.  Landen would be sitting TQ and we knew he had the buggy to bring it home.  After already getting podium in E-Buggy, I felt good as Landen seemed to be relaxed and confident going into the 30 Minute A-main.  At the start of the race, Landen and Danny Bartholomew went back and forth for the lead but had separated themselves from the rest of the pack.  Around lap #8, Landen went to make the jump onto the front stretch and his engine flamed out.  I could not believe it.  His buggy was so good and his REDS engine had performed so well all weekend.  I felt so bad for him.  Jader Lopez, who was pitting for Landen got him back on the track but on the first lap back out there, it flamed out again.  At this point, Landen had no chance for podium.  Some engine tuning adjustments were made and Landen went back out to finish the race in 11th place.  Far from the finish we wanted but Landen drove so good.  If it had not been for engine failure, there is no doubt he had what it took to win the race.  However, things happen in Nitro racing and we know that.  We kept our heads high and accepted what had happened.  He still proved through qualifying that he was fast and could leave the race knowing that at least on Friday in qualifying, he had the best car.

This is the third race in a row that Landen has driven his Kyosho MP9 and has yet to break a single part.  Last year, we could not finish a race without something breaking.  At one point, we had almost wanted to give up on racing Nitro because of the frustration.  With a new approach, I am glad to see that the Kyosho is proving why it is the best out there and being the dependable buggy that we need.

We already can’t wait for AMS 6.0, our favorite Nitro race in the country.  Thank you Chris Cassidy for putting on a TOP NOTCH race and being such a great friend as well.  Special thanks to Jader Lopez and Tommy Allen for pitting Landen.  It was nice to have faith in them to take case of those duties and allow me to just get to sit back and watch.  Also, Jovan Cruz made the trip so much fun.  The stories I could tell.  I have never laughed as much as I did this past weekend.  Between Jovan being attacked by a fly in his sleep, using the concrete wall as an A/C unit and filming his own socks for some unknown apparent reason, good times was had by all.  I had so much fun with everyone.  Yes, we never got to sleep and it will take weeks to catch up but I would no change a single moment for anything.  Except for maybe when 1/2 of my thumb got ripped off when I made the “Idiot Move” of weekend by trying to use my thumb to stop a fly-wheel on a run away buggy.  #BadLap #ThanksObama

Thanks goes out to Landen’s sponsors for all their support:  #Kyosho #Proline #REDS #Airtronics #MIP #SchelleRacing #LFR #Stickit1Racing #KustomRCGraphics #Teeter #TeamLewisRacing




Carolina Spec-Tech-Ular at The RC Pit!!!

This weekend, Team Lewis Racing made the 6 hour trip North to Luguff, SC for the Carolina Spec-Tech-Ular at The RC Pit!!!

This race was very unique in the the way it was ran. We don’t get to run Nitro very often during the winter and spring.  So, with the summer/early fall months being full of Nitro events, we knew we needed to get some practice in.  Landen had only ran his Nitro Truggy once this year and the Nitro Buggy, twice.  So, we needed all the practice we could get.  Also, since being picked up by REDS, we needed to fully break in the engines. We arrived to the track late morning on Friday and got our pit all setup.  Mo Denton, a Pro from Pennsylvania was the only other driver there.  We traded off practicing and marshaling for each other.  Other drivers slowly starting rolling in as the day went alone.

Our goal Friday was to get a good feel of the track and get the REDS engines as close to race ready as possible.  Landen was happy with his setup and the engines were running unbelievable. Saturday morning we showed up back at the track and the parking lot was full.  Racers had came from everywhere to race this event.

There were Pro’s from Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and us from Florida.  In the Pro Class, we knew Landen was going to have his hands full with the level of competition that he had.  The goal was to just run with these big racers and work on getting his feel back.  As the day went on, Landen got better and better.  We were not able to stay for the last Main and therefore that blew any chances of him making a podium but the experience he got and track time was great.  Seeing him 10+ minutes into the race and battling for 3rd with these guys was awesome.  I think Landen is going to have a great Nitro season and we are excited for it.

If you are interested, here are the details of how the race was ran:

The race will not have any qualifying…Each class will run 4 main events. That’s right, all heads up racing. The exciting part about this is that every time on the track matters, and if you add it up, it’s MORE track time. Ever qualify all day to have one unlucky thing happen in the main to ruin your day, not this time.
-Electric Mains will be 10 minutes for 1/10 Buggy, 4wd Buggy, E buggy and 8 minutes for 4wd SCT.
-Nitro Mains for all classes will be 15 minutes each.
-Best 3 of 4 mains count, with the drop being used incase of a tie breaker.
-Each race you will be grouped with different racers, in a rotating fashion.
Now, here’s the kicker…and what adds the extra edge to this race. The thought behind this is two fold, increase race strategy the driver must manage for themselves, AND reduce the cost associated with being able to run up front.
-Each driver will be allowed to use 2 complete sets of tires throughout their 4 main events. So yes, each set of tires must be ran at least twice. Tires do NOT have to be preselected, however once a second set is recorded in tech, those two sets will be the only sets the driver can use for the remaining mains.
-Tires will be teched “post” race after each main, and uniquely marked accordingly.
-This includes fronts or rears, they do not have to be used as “sets”, but each pair whether front or rear can only be used twice.