Carolina Spec-Tech-Ular at The RC Pit!!!

This weekend, Team Lewis Racing made the 6 hour trip North to Luguff, SC for the Carolina Spec-Tech-Ular at The RC Pit!!!

This race was very unique in the the way it was ran. We don’t get to run Nitro very often during the winter and spring.  So, with the summer/early fall months being full of Nitro events, we knew we needed to get some practice in.  Landen had only ran his Nitro Truggy once this year and the Nitro Buggy, twice.  So, we needed all the practice we could get.  Also, since being picked up by REDS, we needed to fully break in the engines. We arrived to the track late morning on Friday and got our pit all setup.  Mo Denton, a Pro from Pennsylvania was the only other driver there.  We traded off practicing and marshaling for each other.  Other drivers slowly starting rolling in as the day went alone.

Our goal Friday was to get a good feel of the track and get the REDS engines as close to race ready as possible.  Landen was happy with his setup and the engines were running unbelievable. Saturday morning we showed up back at the track and the parking lot was full.  Racers had came from everywhere to race this event.

There were Pro’s from Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and us from Florida.  In the Pro Class, we knew Landen was going to have his hands full with the level of competition that he had.  The goal was to just run with these big racers and work on getting his feel back.  As the day went on, Landen got better and better.  We were not able to stay for the last Main and therefore that blew any chances of him making a podium but the experience he got and track time was great.  Seeing him 10+ minutes into the race and battling for 3rd with these guys was awesome.  I think Landen is going to have a great Nitro season and we are excited for it.

If you are interested, here are the details of how the race was ran:

The race will not have any qualifying…Each class will run 4 main events. That’s right, all heads up racing. The exciting part about this is that every time on the track matters, and if you add it up, it’s MORE track time. Ever qualify all day to have one unlucky thing happen in the main to ruin your day, not this time.
-Electric Mains will be 10 minutes for 1/10 Buggy, 4wd Buggy, E buggy and 8 minutes for 4wd SCT.
-Nitro Mains for all classes will be 15 minutes each.
-Best 3 of 4 mains count, with the drop being used incase of a tie breaker.
-Each race you will be grouped with different racers, in a rotating fashion.
Now, here’s the kicker…and what adds the extra edge to this race. The thought behind this is two fold, increase race strategy the driver must manage for themselves, AND reduce the cost associated with being able to run up front.
-Each driver will be allowed to use 2 complete sets of tires throughout their 4 main events. So yes, each set of tires must be ran at least twice. Tires do NOT have to be preselected, however once a second set is recorded in tech, those two sets will be the only sets the driver can use for the remaining mains.
-Tires will be teched “post” race after each main, and uniquely marked accordingly.
-This includes fronts or rears, they do not have to be used as “sets”, but each pair whether front or rear can only be used twice.