Coke, Staples, and Plaques! What a Wicked Weekend!!!

Another weekend and so Team Lewis Racing made the 6 hour drive north to Gainesville, GA for the 2nd Annual Wicked Weekend.  After the horrible showing we had last year, we were determined to be better prepared and have perform much better.  Jason Cihak joined me as he was going to race his first off-road buggy that he had been building the past few weeks.  Tylor Weaver, another friend who lived outside of Atlanta met us there and the four us were set for a great weekend in the trailer.

I first have to say that there were NO flat tires on the trip.  That alone was a huge victory and made the trip that much better.  We arrive to the track on Thursday afternoon and got all set-up.  We headed to the hotel to check-in and got to bed early as it was going to be a long weekend.

Friday morning was practice day and we arrived at the track early ready to test tires, setups and get the Kyosho fleet dialed in.  The setups we had already on the cars were pretty good.  We made a few changes to the shock oil and rear diff oil and Landen was pleased with how they felt.  Also, the Orion nitro motors seems to be in perfect tune from the first lap so that made the practice day much easier.  Since we felt the Kyosho’s were good to go, we prepped them for the next day and got out of the track a little earlier than usual on a practice day.  We took advantage of the time we had and got in an awesome Pre-Race meal at Long Horn steak house.  We filled our belly’s and then we were off to bed.

Saturday morning was qualifying day.  With 4 qualifiers, we knew it was going to be a long day.  In E-Buggy, Landen took TQ in 3 or 4 heats to take the overall TQ for the weekend.  His new TKIe that he built the weekend before was dialed.  We received our new TenShock motors the morning we left for the race.  We could not believe how well these motors felt and performed.  Coming from the Orion motors which we felt was the smoothest motors on the market, these 6-pole TenShock motors not only provided insane power but provided smoother power all the way through the power band.  I highly recommend you look into these motors.  In Nitro Truggy, Landen was on point all day.  In the first 3 qualifiers, he had the overall TQ going into his last lap and either lap traffic or a little bobble would end up costing us to finish 2nd overall in each one.  The TQ came down between Landen and Billy Green.  Billy Green beat Landen’s time by .0005 of a second in the first qualifier and that 2 point swing is what ultimately cost us the TQ.  It still amazes me how small of a fraction of time you can get 1st or 2nd place.  However, sitting 2nd on the pole was a huge accomplishment and we knew that we had what it took Sunday to bring home the win.


As far as Nitro Buggy goes, WOW.  They called this event the Wicked Weekend and I think our buggy on this day picked up some Wicked Weekend Demons.  Hitting a guy that is upside down in the straightaway and breaking a servo, to the gas line getting a cut in it and causing the motor to flame out, as well as other weird stuff, we found ourselves not finishing a single qualifier heat.  What was disappointing was that Landen was in the last of 6 heats for this class which had over 65+ entries and he was either in 1st or 2nd overall when the demons attacked.  He has been driving his Nitro Buggy so well lately but for some odd reason, we seem to be having some bad luck lately with it.  Due to all the DNF’s, we found our selves sitting in the F-Main.  Yes, I said the F-Main.  We would have to bump 5 times on Sunday just to make the 30 minute championship race.  I took this opportunity to share with Landen about life and that sometimes you have to make a decision.  You can complain and quit or attack the challenge head on and try and make history and goo from Last to First.  He said: Dad, Challenge Accepted!!!  So, we stayed up till after 1:00am rebuilding all the cars and getting ready for Main day!!!

At this point, you are probably wondering why in the world I titled this Race report, “Coke, Staples, and Plaques!  What a Wicked Weekend!!!”  Let me take a time out of the race report and share a few stories.

First is “Coke”.  After the weekend, it came to our attention that we had consumed allot of Cokes in our race trailer between the 4 of us.  In fact, Landen and Taylor got to calculating it out and it was determined that we drank 7.8 gallons of Coke.  Yes, 7.8 gallons.  Please, don’t let my wife know as I am sure we will be in major trouble if she finds out.


Second is “Staples”.  I mentioned earlier that I brought my friend, Jason Cihak for his first 1/8th scale buggy race.  There is a jump that is the longest jump I have ever seen personally.  At the landing spot of that jump was a camera man that had his back to the jump holding a GoPro filming cars coming around a corner in the adjacent lane.  Well, Jason got a little squirrely and hit the jump which caused him to fly a little off-course.  That little off-course was directly into the back on this camera man’s head.  I am glad to say that he is ok, but that was only after he had to go to the ER and get 3 staples in the back of his head.  We had so much fun giving Jason a hard time about it.  In fact, Landen and Tylor took some “Red and Tacky” which looks 100% like blood and spread it under Jason’s buggy.  When Jason saw it, I thought he was going to die.  I am still hurting from laughing so hard.


Third is “Plaques”.  We will get to that in a little bit.  But for now, let’s talk about the mains.  Being in the F-Main, Landen was in Race #1.  He went on to win the F-Main, E-Main, D-Main and C-Main easily and we were on a role.  The day before, we could not even finish a 5 minute qualify but now we not only finish but win four, 10 minute mains in a row.  I posted the results to Facebook and off to the B-Main we went.  I think the demons slept in a little late but showed up just in time for the B-Main.  Nothing in that race went right.  So, the magical run we had going ended but man was it fun.  In Nitro Truggy, Landen got out to an easy lead and in the sweeper coming off the straightaway, he got a little loose and slid into the pipes.  SOMEHOW, which is still a mystery to all of us, his front left dog-bone came out and we could not get it back in.  He didn’t flip the truggy but rather slid into the pipes.  I felt so bad for Landen as this was the race he wanted.  He knew he had the best truggy and wanted to prove it for 30 minutes.

Following the Nitro truggy disappointment, Landen as he went straight to the trailer and started looking over his E-Buggy.  This was his last chance to podium and he was sitting TQ.  In A1 Main, Landen put on a show.  He not only took the win but beat 2nd place by 8 seconds and lapped the rest of the field.  In A2, he had a horrible start and found himself all the way back to 13th place several laps in but hung in there and got all the way up into 2nd place and catching the leader when his battery dumped with a minute to go.  With 10 minute mains, you have to have a full, balance battery pack to make it and there was not enough time between A1 and A2 go get it fully charged.  This setup an Epic battle between Landen and Tommy Patterson who won A2.  The winner here would the be the overall victor.  A3 was not a pretty as A1 but we got the win and took home the Overall victory in E-Buggy.  All the nitro blues went away and it was time to celebrate.  We got our pictures taken, collected our “Plaques” and headed off to Olive Garden for a victory dinner.


The 2nd Annual Wicked Weekend is in the books and we had an unbelievable time.  We laughed, cried, drank 7.8 gallons of coke, sent a guy to the ER for staples but came home with Plaques.  Landen and I would like to thank our sponsors:  Kyosho, Proline, Airtronics, MIP, HVR, LFR, Team Shiverville, Kustom RC Graphics, and most importantly our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

Qualifying Day!

We are up and headed to the track. Today, we have 4 qualifying. Landen is in race #1, 12, &, 18. The Kyosho’s looked really good yesterday in practice. The track is so fun to race on. It has High Traction with some huge jumps.

We Made It!!!

Well, Team Lewis Racing made it to Gainesville, GA for the Wicked Weekend race.

Time to setup and get ready for tomorrow!!!


On our way to Wicked Weekend!

Well, we have made it to Valdosta, GA and so far we have not had a flat tire. We are excited to get to Gainesville, GA and get all setup. Practice is tomorrow. Stay Tuned!!!

Team Lewis Racing headed to Wicked Weekend

The vehicles are prepped, trailer is stocked up and we are ready to roll North to Gainesville, GA for the 2nd Annual Wicked Weekend.  Last year, we made the trip north but  came home very frustrated as the nitro motors just never worked right all weekend.  We have a new strategy for this year and are looking to make several podiums.  Stay tuned here for updates throughout the weekend.